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Alexandros Grigoropoulos, 15 ans, tué par balle le 6 décembre 2008

Riot police are seen through a cloud of smoke during clashes with masked youths occupying the Labour Center of Thessaloniki B4LGx4HIYAILoEW.jpg:large B4MknEmCcAAOcrx.jpg:large B4MxT4GIMAEULKe.jpg:large B34GCPXIgAA3F_8.jpg:large greciaconfrontosap Greece-Anarchist GreeceShootingAnniversary-07e2e img IMG_2193 media:5ee95d1afaaf485ea12d46665c523006GreeceShootingAnniversary Greece Shooting Anniversary APTOPIX Greece Shooting Anniversary

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